Sprayshop Consumables


R011 Booth Coating 

A white, light-reflective, solvent-based temporary coating designed for application to all smooth, clean metal spray booth walls in order to provide an easy method of maintenance. Resistant to solvents once dry. The dried film collects paint over-spray and is readily peelable to enable even heavy over-spray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed.

  • Product Code
  • R011B



Anti Silicone Treatment (25ML)

Anti silicone additive. A small addition to paint can help to overcome ‘fish eye’ problems on jobs that have silicone contamination

  • Product Code
  • R008E




Linbide Paint Scraper 50MM

Linbide Paint Scraper

Designed for the most effective removal of paint, putty, glue & varnish from timber with or without a flame. Sturdy, lightweight ergonomic handle design. Hard wearing tungsten carbide blade.Quick release mechanism for easy blade replacement. Reversible 50mm blade for longer working life Essential tool for the trade professional

  • Product Code
  • RLS1


MS-4 Assorted Metal Spreaders

MS-4 Assorted Metal Scraper

Steel filler spreaders in various sizes

  • Product Code
  • R528E



260M (Fine) Cone Strainers

cone strainers

Cone strainers with a nylon mesh for fast and efficient paint filtering

  • Product Code
  • R010E


Can Opener & Paint Strirer

450x180m Brown Masking Paper

  • Product Code
  • R029E




450MMX180M Brown Masking Paper

450x180m Brown Masking Paper

Basic masking paper for masking out large areas before painting

  • Product Code
  • R199E



Blue Masking Film

Masking Film

High density polyethylene masking film (9 micron). Combined with crepe paper masking tape. Temperature resistant up to 80°. Static cling for easy application. Provides excellent resistance to paint. Pre-folded for convenient dispensing – easy tear

  • Product Codes
  • R449608 – 1800MMX25M BLUE MASKING FILM
  • R449592 – 600MMX25M BLUE MASKING FILM



Masking Tape

variation size masking tape

General purpose masking tape, suitable for all kinds of simple painting jobs. Tape must be applied at room temperature. Good adhesion even on irregular surfaces. Resistant to most common paints. Easy removal without adhesive residue. Saturated paper backing. Well conformable to most shapes. Compatible with most common paints and lacquer. Removable without breaking. Hand tearable

  • Product Codes
  • R202E – 12MM MASKING TAPE 1/2″ (B=96)
  • R204E – 19MM MASKING TAPE 3/4″ (B=48)
  • R207E – 25MM MASKING TAPE 1″ (B=36)
  • R210E – 50MM MASKING TAPE 2″ (B=20)
  • R213E – 38MM MASKING TAPE 1.5″ (B=24)


Measuring Cups

Sturdy, solvent resistant and clearly marked for the accurate measurement of product.

  • Product Codes
  • R183E1300 – GRADUATED SUPERCUP 1300CC (E)
  • R183E2240 – GRADUATED SUPERCUP 2240CC (E)


D3 PVA INT/EXT Adhesive

PVA adhesive

D3 rated interior PVA adhesive for timber applications

  • Product Codes


Glubot, The 16oz Non-drip Glue Bottle.

The Glubot 16oz is the only glue bottle that will not drip or spill!

  • Glue is delivered from the bottom - fresh glue every time.
  • Precise and adjustable dispensing system will put the glue exactly where you want it.
  • Unique design that sucks the glue back inside.
  • Even dispenses your glue when held vertically.
  • Supplied with a choice of applicators.
  • Can also be used to dispense other liquids.
  • Product Code RGB16


Probond 143 Mitre Fixing Kit

Sterling Mitre Bond Ahesive

Handy ‘super glue’ with spray accelerator. Ideal for mitre joints but also for any application where an almost instant bond is useful.

  • Product Code
  • F143E



Spreadable Contact Adhesive

contact adhesive

Conventional solvent based contact adhesive for laminates and veneers.

  • Product Code
  • F201B


Heavy Duty Contact Adhesive

Solvent based contact adhesive for laminates and veneers

  • Product Code
  • F208500M




30MIN Liquid PU Adhesive

PU Adhesive

“Foaming” polyurethane adhesive for bonding of various substrates. 30 minute open time to allow easy adjustment of the items to be bonded

  • Product Code
  • F301A

 5 MIN FAST SET Liquid PU Adhesive 1L

“Foaming” polyurethane adhesive for bonding of various substrates. Fast set version with a 5 minute open time

  • Product Code
  • F303A


Super Glue 50G


Cynoacrylate ‘super glue’ for bonding almost anything

  • Product Code
  • F50150




Clear Press Contact Adhesive

clear press contact adhesive

Solvent based contact adhesive for light materials

  • Product Codes
  • F20817M
  • F208G – Spray gun for use with F20817M canisters
  • F208H – Hose for use with F20817M canisters





Stockinette Rolls 800G

stockinette rolls

Cotton stockinette or mutton cloth for use in the finishing process

  • Product Code
  • R219E




Microfibre Clothes

Synthetic microfibre cloths for a “streak free” finish

  • Product Code
  • R218E10



White Sheeting Polishing Rags

Our most popular traditional cotton rag. Used for many applications from staining to french polishing

  • Product Code
  • R400K10




Tack Cloths

The Tack Cloth is a general purpose Tack Cloth used in any area for the removal of dust contamination. Different sizes and packaging are available to suit the individual and bulk user needs. Also available are larger sizes for maximum area coverage. The original Tack Cloth is an ideal tool in the fight against contamination

  • Product Codes
  • R409E10 – TACK CLOTHS (PACKET OF 10)
  • R409E50 – TACK CLOTHS (PACKET OF 50)



Cotton Wadding 10M Roll

Traditional cotton wadding for use in making french polishing ‘rubbers’

  • Product Code
  • R590Z




SuperLite Filler NO.7 3.5L

tetrosyl super lite body filler

Basic two component polyester filler. Grey in colour and suitable for repair and filling of timer and metal surfaces prior to painting

  • Product Code
  • CTETSLF016



Indasa MP Gaffer Tape 48MMX50M

Silver multipurpose gaffer tape with many uses in and around the workshop. Tough, water proof but easy to apply and tear off

  • Product Code
  • R201E