Sprayshop EOS Pump & Airmix® Xcite™

Cutting-edge spray technology

EOS Spray Pumps



reduce spray costs through improved paint transfer and faster coating speed, less overspray and lower air consumption


Total reliability and zero pulsation giving the ultimate finish with standard, high viscosity and waterborne coatings



easy to operate, easy to change colour, easy to clean and easy to maintain



Reasons to Choose a Sprayshop EOS Pump & Airmix® Xcite™

EOS comes complete with tip, lines, spraygun and wall mounting… ready to go! For every 100 litres sprayed through EOS Xcite save an average of £160 over conventional spray equipment.

Product Codes

S151145259 30:1 Sprayshop EOS AAA Pump Complete

S151140109  15:1 Sprayshop EOS AAA Pump Complete

S151140230   Hopper

S151240000   Trolley

S151260961   Morrells Xcite Spray Gun