Signature I Sprayguns

 Morrells newest spray gun in black & orange employs the latest high transfer efficient spray technology, giving fine atomisation with a flat, even spray pattern.



Up to 300mm fine/flat/homogenous spray fan


Suitable for all solvent and waterborne coatings



easy to operate, easy to change colour, easy to clean and easy to maintain



Reasons to Choose a Signature I Spraygun

Super fast process times and rapid throughput is what it’s all about these days and there’s one professional spray gun that really sets the pace for the woodfinishes market. Its the lightweight gun that delivers heavyweight performance……..the Signature I

Eliminating the need for separate air and fluid control valves dramatically reduces gun weight, cleaning and maintenance time, while providing total trigger control and a seamless blend of air and fluid.


Product Codes

 SS1G1G18 Morrells Signature I 1.8mm Gravity Spraygun

 SS1G1S18 Morrells Signature I 1.8mm Suction Spraygun

SS1G1P18 Morrells Signature I 1.8mm Pressure Spraygun