Morrells Spray Room Equipment


2 Outlet Filter regulator

This general purpose unit has been developed for both paintshop and workshop applications. The Dual filtration process eliminates dirt down to a particle size of 20 microns from air tools and spray guns, while the two ball valve controlled outlets have a total capacity of 60 cfm.

  • Product Code
  • SDVFR3



PCL 1/2″ Filter Reg with Gauge

PCL Filter Regulator

Basic filter regulator/trap with gauge. 1/2″ BSP female thread input and output.

  • Product Code
  • SAFR1


Kestrel Air Tool Oiler

Air Tool Oiler

For use with air sanders and other air tools to ensure they are properly lubricated and maintained.

  • Product Code
  • S9096


MLG 500mm2/50mm Mesh Filter

Sprayroom Inlet Filter Mesh

Lightweight glass fibre panel air filter for use on the air input side. Helping to maintain a clean spraybooth area without hampering air flow.

  • Product Code
  • SA500/50M


MLV 500mm2/50mm Pleated Filter

Sprayroom Filters Pleated

High performance version of above

  • Product Code
  • SA500/50P



Booth Filter Paper 900mm x 9mm

Up to 98% filtration efficiency. Stapled construction gives longer, superior working life. Expansion strapping ensures correct spacing of filter corrugations. High paint loading capacity – low pressure drop, reduced running costs. Self supporting. Easy installation. Bright white spray face improves working conditions. Flat packed concertina design, cuts storage & transport costs. Filter marked at every eighth corrugation for ease of cutting

  • Product Code



JWL Blowguns

JWL Blow Guns

Good quality air blow guns for various cleaning operations.  Long nozzles for better reach

  • Product Codes
  • S140100 – Straight Pipe
  • S140101 – Angled Pipe


BG-1 Palm Grip Blowgun

Basic palm grip blow gun for ‘dusting off’ prior to finishing

  • Product Code
  • S9400


Drying Rack 550mm Wide 15 Bar

15 Bar Drying Rack

The industry standard drying rack. Bars 500mm long, 550mm apart. Special Heavy Duty Nylon Castors giving a maximum payload of 400kg (25kg / pair of bars). Fully welded construction coated in a durable finish. Optional 1mm thick replaceable Poly-Prop plastic sleeves and end bungs protect the work piece against accidents and allows easy cleaning of bars. Max load 25kg per pair of bars. Overall dimensions: W600 x D600 x H1880 Unique nesting feature allows all different size racks to nest together when not in use.

  • Product Code
  • SDR0600


Spray Turntable – Budget Model

Metal Tunrtable

Adjustable in height, 600mm to 1000mm. Flatpack design. Fully rotating top. Top 1000mm x 500mm.

  • Product Code
  • SR1002