Morrells Spray Gun Accessories

Air & Fluid Hoses


Product Codes

  • SAL15/10C 10MT x 8MM Orange Air Hose 1/4″ Female
  • SAL15/5C 5MT x 8MM Orange Air Hose 1/4″ Female

Product Codes

  • SLPV14/5C 5MT x 6MM Low Pressure Fluid Hose – 3/8″ Female

Product Codes

  • SLPV16/5C 5MT x 10MM Low Pressure Fluid Hose – 3/8″ Female

Product Codes

  • SVOW/14/5B 5MT Twin Low Pressure Air & Fluid Hose

Quick Release Connectors & Fittings

  • S520312 – 1/4″ BSP(M) High Flow Tail
  • S53001200 – 1/4″ BSP(M) High Flow Coupling
  • S520302 – 1/4″ BSP(F) High Flow Tail
  • S530002000 – 1/4″ BSP(F) High Flow Coupling
  • SACA2593 – 1/4″ BSP(M) PCL Standard Tail
  • SAC21CM – 1/4″ BSP(M) PCL Standard Coupling
  • SACA2746 – 1/4″ BSP(F) PCL Standard Tail
  • SAC21CF – 1/4″ BSP(F) PCL Standard Coupling

Standard Gun Cleaning Kit

Basic spraygun cleaning kit with brushes and needles

  • Product Code


Professional Gun Cleaning Kit

Comprehensive gun cleaning kit with numerous brush types and sizes plus cleaning needles to keep your spraygun in top condition

  • Product Code
  • S81


3M Disposable Cup System

3M PPS system

An industry trusted collapsible and disposable means of mixing, preparing and spraying paint and coatings. Made up of lids, liners and a hard pot, it replaces traditional spray cups. Single cup for mixing and spraying. Closed system with built in filter for less contamination. Up to 70% saving in solvent. Quick and easy cleaning: only the gun and not the pot. Awarded for environmental excellence.

  • Product Codes
  • R3M1600050 – 3M 16000 STD PPS Lid & Liners
  • R3M1600102 – 3M 16001 STD PPS Mixing Cups
  • R3M16032 – PPS Adaptor No.2 – A7006/AS827