Sanding & Burnishing


Sprayshop 5mm/150mm Ext Sander

Basic Sprayshop 150mm extracted air sander with hose and dust bag

  • Product Code
  • SMDA150





Sprayshop Velcro Sanding Strips

Sprayshop velcro backed strips for lacquer sanding

  • Product Codes
  • R104P150 – S/SHOP VEL STRIPS 70 x 125 150G
  • R104P180 – S/SHOP VEL STRIPS 70 x 125 180G
  • R104P240 – S/SHOP VEL STRIPS 70 x 125 240G
  • R104P320 – S/SHOP VEL STRIPS 70 x 125 320G
  • R104P400 – S/SHOP VEL STRIPS 70 x 125 400G




Sprayshop Hand Block


Sprayshop blocks for use with 70 x 125mm sanding strips

  • Product Codes
  • R378E – T0020 70 x 125 D/D Hand Block
  • R379E – T7053 70 x 125 Hard Hand Block



Sprayshop 150mm Velcro Backed Sanding Discs

150mm velcro sanding discs

Sprayshop 150mm Velcro Backed Sanding Discs for timber and lacquer sanding

  • Product Codes
  • R100P100 – S/SHOP DISC 150MM 6HOLE 100G
  • R100P120 – S/SHOP DISC 150MM 6HOLE 120G
  • R100P150 – S/SHOP DISC 150MM 6HOLE 150G
  • R100P180 – S/SHOP DISC 150MM 6HOLE 180G
  • R100P240 – S/SHOP DISC 150MM 6HOLE 240G
  • R100P320 – S/SHOP DISC 150MM 6HOLE 320G


Sprayshop Grey Sanding Roll

110mm x 50m silicone carbide sanding roll

Sprayshop grey sanding roll for lacquer sanding

  • Product Codes
  • R105P180 – S/SHOP GREY ROLL 115mm 180G
  • R105P240 – S/SHOP GREY ROLL 115mm 240G
  • R105P320 – S/SHOP GREY ROLL 115mm 320G






Sprayshop Grey Sanding Sheets

230*280 silicone carbide sanding sheets

Basic Sprayshop grey sanding sheets for lacquer sanding

  • Product Codes
  • R103P150 – S/SHOP GREY SHEET 230X280 150G
  • R103P180 – S/SHOP GREY SHEET 230X280 180G
  • R103P240 – S/SHOP GREY SHEET 230X280 240G
  • R103P320 – S/SHOP GREY SHEET 230X280 320G
  • R103P400 – S/SHOP GREY SHEET 230X280 400G





Sprayshop Foam Sanding rolls 115mm x 50m

115mm foam backed sanding pads

Basic Sprayshop foam sanding roll

  • Product Codes
  • R101P180 – S/SHOP 115mm Foam Rolls 180G
  • R101P240 – S/SHOP 115mm Foam Rolls 240G
  • R101P320 – S/SHOP 115mm Foam Rolls 320G
  • R101P400 – S/SHOP 115mm Foam Rolls 400G


Ceros Kit 230V/2.5/VAC/Abranet

CEROS 2.5mm orbit electric sander plus 230v vacuum unit. Supplied with 400 Abranet discs in 4 popular grit sizes.

  • Product Code
  • MC2/230/EX/AB









Sprayshop Sander Starter Kit

Comprising the Sprayshop SMDA150 random orbital air sander plus dust bag and hose. Includes 40 sanding disc in various grits.

  • Product Code




FMT5530 7PC Sanding Kit Case

profile sanding blocks

Versatile kit of sanding blocks in various shapes and profiles. For use with standard 150mm velcro backed discs

  • Product Code
  • R022






Web Finishing Pads

fibral finishing pads

Fibral finishing pads in assorted colours with differing abrasion

  • Product Codes
  • R376EGREEN
  • R376EMAROO
  • R376EGREY






Sprayshop Net Discs

Sprayshop Net Discs are developed for tougher and more demanding sanding applications. Because of there optimized net construction and ceramic grains, Sprayshop Net Discs offers superior cut and performance for hard wood (such as beech and oak) and a fast cutting on various solid surface materials. Sprayshop Net Discs is also working excellent on primer sanding applications, creating an optimal performance and life time.


  • Product Codes
  • All discs 150mm
  • R109P0120 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P120
  • R109P0150 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P150
  • R109P0180 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P180
  • R109P0240 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P240
  • R109P0320 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P320
  • R109P0400 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P400
  • R109P0500 – SPRAYSHOP NET DISC P500