Mohawk Repair System


Mohawk Repair Systems

Mohawk is the world’s leading brand of furniture damage repair products.  Repairing damaged furniture instead of replacing it is very cost effective.  The sheer quality and range diversity of Mohawk products now makes invisible repairs a reality.

These products are designed for repair professionals and asset management teams who understand how a top class repair can save a lot of money, resources and time.  Typical clients include kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom manufacturers, large furniture retailers, removal companies, hotel chains, building maintenance companies and furniture repair service engineers.




Mohawk Smart Repair Process


Always assess the level of damage before you start a repair



  • Level 1: Damage right through the clear coat, the colour and substrate
  • Level 2: Damage through the clear coat and colour
  • Level 3: Damage right through the clear coat, but not the colour
  • Level 4: Damage or tactile scratches to the clear coat only
  • Level 5: Light scratches or superficial damage to the clear coat

Then choose the products required to achieve an invisible repair




Epoxy Putty Sticks

Mohawk Epoxy Filler Sticks

Repair serious defects and damage to wooden objects with this range of super hard fillers.  The hardener runs down the middle of the stick and you simply cut off what you need and blend with your fingers.  Rub the warmed filler into the damaged area and flatten off.  Open time 3-10 minutes, hardens in 20-30 minutes to a durable permanent  surface.  No shrinkage, moulds into any shape.  Can be hard sanded, drilled and stained, or painted.  Adheres to wood, metal, glass and ceramics.  12 colour assortment pack or make thousands of bespoke wood colours yourself by mixing and matching.



Fil-Stik soft wax

Mohawk Soft Fila-stik

A range of 24 wax sticks in popular timber colours.  No heat or special tools required, simply rub in and wipe off excess.  Protect with aerosol lacquer at the required sheen.




Quick Fill Burn-In Sticks

Mohawk Quick Fill Burn-in Stick

Designed to fill nicks, dents and scratches in finished furniture.  The hard self levelling wax melts easily into the defect with our flameless heat gun.  Comes in a range of 24 low sheen colours, perfect for production, field service technicians and cabinet installers.



Blendal Sticks

Mohawk Blendal Sticks

Pack of 36 wax colour sticks for touching up and repairing edges and flat surfaces.  Sharpener included in each pack for nib width adjustment.




Background Marker Touch-Up

Mohawk Background Marker Touch Up Pen

Set of 12 tinted lacquers to replace the background colours over filled holes, glue lines, dark areas in timber surface defects etc.  Use on MDF, particle boards and veneers where stains and normal markers go too dark.







Blendal Powder Stains

Hohawk Blendal Powder Stain

Extra fine ground touch up pigment for spot colour replacement on all types of furniture, leather, vinyls etc.







Ultra Mark Pens

Mohawk Ultra Marker

Set of 12 stain pens made from light fast pigments and special resins which stain, seal and finish in one easy application.  Ideal for edges & scratch recolouring.  Fully compatible with all types of wood finishes.



Brush Tip Graining Marker

Mohawk Brush Tip Graining Pen

4 sets of 6 stain marker pens with a high quality micro brush tip for precise work.  Use to add grain lines to fillers, waxes and colours and for very fine defect repairs.  Easy to use with clear crisp colours and quick drying with no mess.






Formulated with special resins to give a perfect flat finish and zero overspray on spot repairs.  Durable pre catalysed ultra clear lacquer in a range of 4 sheens from matt to gloss plus a sanding sealer.  Use Preval for all bespoke lacquers and colours.








Wil Pro Padding Finish

Mohawk Wil Pro Padding Finish

Super fast dry low build french polish with excellent clarity and print resistance.  Used by professional touch up technicians for removing packing marks, small scratches and marring on fine furniture with no discolouration to the substrate.