Induro Consumables


447 12″ Double Arm Roller Frame

Roller frame for use with 12″ roller refills

  • Product Code
  • R989E





Roller Pole 4′-7′ Push/Screw

Adjustable pole for use with R989E roller arm and R999H applicator head

  • Product Code
  • R987E




12″ Short Pile Roller Refill

Short pile roller for application of floor coatings to even surfaces

  • Product Code
  • R991E




12″ Medium Pile Roller Refill

Medium pile roller for application of floor coatings to less even surfaces

  • Product Code
  • R528E



14″ Black Paint Scuttle

Deep container for use with 12″ rollers

  • Product Code
  • R986BPSE



Stain Applicator/Edge Finisher

Hand finisher for application of materials into corners and up to flooring edges

  • Product Code
  • R999E


18″ Flooring Applicator Head

T bar head used to move flooring products around during application

  • Product Code
  • R999H
  • R999S – 18″ 6004/YEL APPLICATOR SLEEVE
  • R999S2 – 18″ 6000/BLU APPLICATOR SLEEVE